#168~ February 21, 2020: "William Harvey, The CIA, And ZR/RIFLE: Further Study & Analysis."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ We will do exactly as the title suggests, starting with a discussion of the Theoretical Concept of "Rogue Elements Of The CIA" being the Sole Movers in the plot to murder President Kennedy, and how unlikely it is that~in Reality~the "Murder Plot" was planned exclusively by The CIA's "Upper Echelon", Dulles, Angleton, etc., and the common sense that causes such grandiose and sweeping theories to fall flat. We will then look closely at The CIA's "Executive Action Expert", William Harvey, and the likelihood that he was involved in the plot to murder Kennedy. A man who many feel was "chomping at the bit" to field The Agency's Assassination Squad (and aim it at JFK), but who ~again, in Reality~ thought the concept of an Executive Action Mechanism within The Agency was misguided, short-sighted and doomed to blow up in The Agency's face. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson Songs: "The Wolf", by The Cult "The Jelly Jam", by The Jelly Jam "Made Into A Movie", by ZZ Top

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