#169~March 13,2020: "Dirty From The Jump: The Dallas Police & The Army Intelligence/CIA Mambo", With Bill Simpich.


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We are joined by Special Guest BILL SIMPICH ("State Secret", "The Twelve Who Built The Oswald Legend") for a Fantastically Enjoyable conversation covering a wide spectrum of Assassination-Centric topics, including but not limited to: The Operational Head-Butting between US Army Intelligence and the CIA; more discussion of the hijacking of CIA Covert Ops by A.I.; The ghostly and powerful A.I. Agent who seems to have several shady connections to Dealey Plaza, and who shadowed Oswald's friend (Handler) George DeMohrenschildt to and from his Warren Commission Testimony; what a KGB Defector had to say about Oswald in Russia; new discoveries at The Mary Farrell Foundation, JFK Assassination Research moving forward and MUCH, MUCH MORE! JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted By Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced By Grant Wilson Music: "Alone And Forsaken", By Social Distortion "Stay Frosty", By Van Halen "Mescalero", By ZZ Top

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