#170~ April 10, 2020: "The Watergate Burglary And the JFK Hit: Further Study & Analysis."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ We will do exactly what the title suggests, and take a deep dive into documents & information both old and not-so-old to further examine the connections between the two events, the personnel, their histories, and how the events intertwine Operationally. We'll hear audio from Watergate Burglars E. Howard Hunt & Frank Sturgis, explore their multiple stories~both self-incriminating and self-exculpatory~ and hear legendary audio from the person who may have been The Very First to make the Real, Tangential and Conspiratorial Connections between Watergate and Dealey Plaza: The Mighty Mae Brussell. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted By Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced By Grant Wilson Music: * "The Candy Song", by Masters Of Reality * "I Eats The Dead", by The Creeping Cruds * "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide", by ZZ Top

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