#171~ May 11, 2020: "Framing Oswald: Further Study & Analysis Regarding The Patsy In Mexico City."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Was it Oswald? Or an Imposter? Did the REAL Lee Oswald make the trip, make the visits, make the threats & connections that the Official Story tells us he did during that Shady trip to Mexico City, in the run-up to the Dealey Plaza Hit? Maybe. Maybe not. There are several schools of thought regarding the Legend Of Oswald In Mexico City. We will examine in detail evidence of both possibilities, take into account new information, the opinions of Trusted Students & Researchers (and those not-so-trustworthy), and I'll try and explain where My Thinking is on the subject, as of now, given both what we know, and THINK we know. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell. Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson. Music: "Miles From Nowhere", by Smithereens "A Place In The Country", by Fanny "Down Brownie", by ZZ Top

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