#172~June 12, 2020:"Patsies & Provocations: CIA, The Louisiana Training Camps, And The 'Fake-Assassination-Gone-Awry'-Theory."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ We will look at the established~and the alleged~connections between The infamous CIA Anti-Castro Paramilitary Training Camps that operated in the Southern Louisiana in the early 1960s and Lee Oswald & his circle of Shady Associates in New Orleans in the summer of '63. We'll follow the connections and personnel at the camps from the Swamps to The Miami "Gunboat Cowboys"-list of Suspects. We'll also explore JFK's personal connection to the camps, and show how the Kennedy Brothers' efforts to shut down the camps and curtail Covert Raids into Cuba using other Federal Agencies actually help us to track the most Viable of Hit-Team Suspects all the way to Dallas. PLUS, we'll explore Don DeLillo's fascinating work of "Faction" on the Kennedy Assassination, "Libra", and look at a very interesting & obscure theory that ties the Louisiana Camps to the Assassination via the concept used in DeLillo's book, the "Meant-To-Fail-Fake-Hit-Gone-Wrong"-Theory. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson Music: "Agenda", by Galactic Cowboys "As Is", by Van Halen "Punk Ass Boyfriend", by ZZ Top

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