#173~July 13, 2020: "Identifying The Dealey Plaza Shooters: What Did Tony Cuesta Know?"


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Antonio Cuesta is a name that is maybe not familiar to some, but to Seasoned Researchers, his is a story that is not only familiar, but to some extent "checks out", has credibility, and demands examination and consideration. Blinded & captured during a failed Covert Ops Cuban Raid in the 1960s, Cuesta spent over a decade in a Cuban prison and~upon his release~ sat with the head of Cuba's Military Intelligence and confessed his knowledge of The Kennedy Assassination. We will look hard at Cuesta, his Assassination-related connections (from Alpha66 to The Gunboat Cowboys), and take a hard look through documents & Primary Resource Material at two individuals allegedly fingered by Cuesta as having taken part in the Dealey Plaza Hit, two names also familiar to Seasoned Researchers: Elladio Del Valle and Herminio Diaz Garcia. Both of whom were ex-gangsters, Anti-Castro, Anti-Kennedy, totally ruthless, and neck-deep in Covert Ops. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted By Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced By Grant Wilson Music: "Free Yourself", by Ty Tabor "Fame (Live)", by David Bowie "Thug", by ZZ Top

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