#174~ August 11, 2020: "Diversionary Ramblings And Imagined Scenarios: L. Fletcher Prouty & The JFK Hit."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ We will take a Critical Look at various assertions, suspicions, complicities and allegations either insisted-upon or very-strongly-hinted-AT by Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty (Retired) to the Assassination Research Community and the world over his long involvement in The Case. We'll use Primary Resource Documentation~such as The Colonel's own testimony to the Assassination Records Review Board and Prouty's personal letters to Harold Weisberg~ along with some Good Old Fashion Common Sense to make a decision as to which of Prouty's assertions & speculations can be taken seriously, and which can be enthusiastically dismissed. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson Music: * "Reach For The Sky", by Social Distortion * "I", by Black Sabbath * "Sinpusher (Live)", by ZZ Top

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