#175~September 29, 2020: "Under Surveillance In The Big Easy: Oswald, Ferrie, & The Hit-Team Talent Pool."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ We'll start by reviewing the story of a man named Robert D. Morrow~an alleged former CIA Operative and convicted conterfeiter~and some of the claims he made in his 1992 book, "First Hand Knowledge." This will lead us back to New Orleans during the summer of 1963, the activities around the infamous 544 Camp Street address, and the duo of Lee Oswald & David Ferrie. We'll dissect some very interesting Church Committee Investigation documents detailing the story of I.N.S. (Immigration & Naturalization Service) Agent Wendell Roache, who told the Church Committee about surveilling Anti-Communist Extremists in Louisiana, and what possible avenues of Research this surveillance may point us toward. Then, we'll switch gears and discuss more contradictions revealed in the documents regarding the FBI and the destruction of the CIA's "Oswald In Mexico City"-Tapes. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell. Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson. Music: ~ ""In The Name Of Tragedy", by Motorhead. ~ "Wish You Were Her", by Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends. ~ "I Need You Tonight", by ZZ Top

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