#176~October 23, 2020: "Evidence Of Suppression: The FBI, William E. Colby, And The 'Counter-Penetration' Of Lee Oswald."


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IN THIS EPISODE~In January of 1964, Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr contacted Warren Commission Chief Counsel J. Lee Rankin to inform him that accused assassin Lee Oswald had been a paid informant of The FBI to the tune of $200 per month. The original transcript of the Commission meeting on the subject was destroyed, and the subject quickly buried. 11 years later, then-CIA Director William Colby recieved a startling phone call from wealthy socialite and former financial-backer of private Paramilitary Cuba Raids, Claire Boothe Luce, who told Colby an ominous tale of Anti-Castro Cubans who claimed to have privately and quietly placed Lee Oswald under their own surveillance in New Orleans and Miami in 1963, complete with tape recordings and photographs. We'll dive head-long into the connections between this story and OperationTILT, and head-long into a fascinating recently-released transcript of the actual phone calls between Colby and Luce, and Colby's follow up call to Luce's extremely upset and scared-of-the-FBI contact with the Anti-Castro Cubans involved in tailing Lee Oswald. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. ~Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell. ~Recorded & Produced by Drop-D Podcast Productions. ~MUSIC: "Mean Street", by Van Halen. "Poundcake", by Van Halen. "Romeo Delight" (Live), by Van Halen. "5150" (Live), by Van Halen. "Mushmouth Shoutin'", by ZZ Top

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