#177 (RE-MIX!) December 1, 2020: "From The Bay Of Pigs To Dealey Plaza: Rip Robertson, Operation TILT, And The JFK Hit."


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ATTENTION ALL HANDS DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, THE FINAL MIX OF THE PREVIOUSLY-UPLOADED VERSION OF THIS EPISODE (#177) WAS TOO QUIET FOR COMFORTABLE LISTENING. THIS IS A RE-MIX/RE-UPLOAD. The previous version has been deleted. IN THIS EPISODE~ It's back to Deep Study of Primary Resource Material, with a little bit of "Gut-Feeling-Photographic-Comparison"-type-Speculation at the top of the show, regarding figures captured on film in Dealey Plaza. Then we'll get into some more recently-released documents regarding the (allegedly doomed) "Bayo-Pawley Raid" on Cuba~an operation that has always loomed large over study of The JFK Assassination~ and carefully study a mostly-forgotten segment of sworn testimony from Bona-Fide Assassination Suspect Loran Hall, and his allegations regarding OperationTILT and four other very specific and Very Viable Bona-Fide Assassination Suspects: John ("They're gonna kill him, Flo, when he gets to Dallas") Martino, and The Mafia Big 3: Giancana, Trafficante, and Roselli. ...and how exactly could CIA's William Harvey tie in? JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Written & Hosted By Doug Campbell Music: * "Everything I Have Is Blue", by Smithereens * "Rain", by The Cult * "Pincushion", by ZZ Top

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