#178~December 18, 2020: "Maybe Connected, Maybe Not: More Strange Stories From The JFK Files."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ One thing we do not have a shortage of when researching the Assassination is rifles, and stories of different rifles. From Roger Craig's "7.65 Mauser" in the Texas School Book Depository to the alleged-by-the official-cover-up-murder weapon~the junk Manlicher Carcano~to rifles that turn up in the official record and then simply vanish. We will examine here the strange tale of another 7.65mm Mauser that turned up abandoned in a hotel room in Indiana just days after the JFK Hit, completely disassembled and wiped clean of prints. Plus, we'll shift gears and follow a lead given to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison by Ramparts Magazine and a Mexican journalist during Garrison's investigation of Kennedy's murder. While possibly not connected to the Assassination, it's a fascinating "Deep-Cover" tale of CIA, intrigue and murder that culminates~AFTER being brought to Garrison's attention~in what may have been the most daring and brazen prison break of the 20th Century. JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell A Drop-D Podcast Production Music: * " 'Cause We Believed (Blame It)", by Ty Tabor * "We're Not Alone", by Peeping Tom * "I Need You Tonight", by ZZ Top

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