#179~ January 15, 2021: "Devils, Details, And Dialogue: A Conversation With Alan Dale, Of The Assassination Archives & Research Center."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ The Great Alan Dale is finally here, for a long & detailed conversation! One thing I've always avoided is having authors on the show immediately after a book's release. Because~generally~they're "making the rounds"(so to speak), each subsequent interview tends to sound just like the last, and regurgitated sales pitches punctuated with "Buy the book, it's in there!"-answers to any intelligent questions posed simply will not do for this study group. And even though Alan has made a couple of appearances lately, I decided to have him on to discuss his new book, "The Devil Is In The Details" and Trust Me, the above described tedium is *not* what you'll get here, in TDA #179. Instead, it's IN DEPTH with Alan, avoiding the "same old thing": The anomalous fashion in which info pertaining to Lee Oswald was used & moved in Classified Gov't Circles, YEARS before 11/22/63; an analytical discussion about the difficulty in explaining the importance of some profound events within the Assassination Narrative re: the life of Oswald to someone without the Study, Knowledge & Context of...well, people like you and I; Specific and alarming indicators ("guideposts") that show the CIA's deep interest in Oswald, spanning years; An in-depth discussion on the Fallacy of~and the Analytically-Unsound Habits caused by~ the "Monolithic All-Inclusive-Everybody-At-CIA-Had-Knowledge"-Conspiracy Theories, and MUCH MORE! JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Written & Hosted By Doug Campbell A Drop-D Podcast Production Music: ~"Third Man On The Moon", by Masters Of Reality ~"Intruder/Oh, Pretty Woman", by Van Halen ~""Cheap Sunglasses"(Live), by ZZ Top

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