QUICK HITS #12~JFK Assassination Research With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell: July 10, 2020, with Alan Dale.


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Rob & Doug are joined in the first half of the show by Chairman of the Assassination Archives & Research Center ALAN DALE for a lively, detailed, and in-depth discussion centered on the life & story(ies) of former Anti-Castro Crusader and Alpha66 Operative Antonio Veciana, (who recently passed away in Florida) and the ever-growing problems with his ever-morphing tale of the shadowy CIA Agent he alleges recruited him, 'Maurice Bishop", whom he *claims* to have seen with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 Then in the 2nd half, we go into a myriad of topics, including: The holes in the "LBJ-As-Mastermind"-Theories; Strange documents found in The Archives, Lee Oswald's behavior while in the custody of The Dallas Police, Buell Wesley Frazier's upcoming book, listener emails and MUCH, MUCH MORE! JOIN US! Written & Hosted By Rob Clark & Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced By Grant Wilson

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