QUICK HITS #13~ JFK Assassination Research With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell: August 23, 2020


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Rob and Doug are BACK, and the Topics up for discussion are plentiful! Among the discussed topics: Oliver Stone is making the Media Rounds, and the Media's Tone-deafness regarding the JFK Hit hasn't changed; The murky origins of the 6.5mm ammunition found in the Texas School Book Depository; Why do Active Lone Nutters even CARE enough to bother us?; Why *one sentence* from the HSCA report absolutely VAPORIZES the Warren Report; More strange & anomalous documents from the Newly Released JFK Files, PLUS: NOLA attorney Dean Andrews, "Facebook Shenanigans", Internet Trolls, The FBI & Lee Oswald pre-Assassination, John Judge's "Picnic On The Grassy Knoll", and Doug *actually apologizes* for something he said on the air! JOIN US! Written & Hosted by Rob Clark & Doug Campbell Recorded, Edited & Produced by Grant Wilson

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