QUICK HITS #16: JFK Assassination Research News & Notes With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell: December 12, 2020


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Rob & Doug are BACK with another all-new round of Assassination Research News & Notes! (And NONE of that Lone-Nutterism, thank you very much). Topics discussed include: A veeeeeeery interesting FBI document regarding Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby and...CBS Newsman Dan Rather?? YES. And the info *pre-dates* the Assassination!; A curious Postal Inspector's report out of Irving, Tx. from the immediate aftermath of the JFK Hit; New Orleans witness Orest Pena, and Oswald's relationship with the FBI, PLUS: If you could go back in time and actually *ask* Retired General Victor Krulak about his "corroboration" of Fletcher Prouty's identification of Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, would you go? If we had *ACTUAL AUDIO* of Victor Krulak discussing Prouty's assertions here on *this very episode*, would you listen? GOOD. Because we have General Krulak His Own Bad Self right here~from 1991~ discussing these very things. You are gonna want to hear this. Trust us. JOIN US! *Written & Hosted By Rob Clark & Doug Campbell *A Drop-D Podcast Production

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