QUICK HITS #17: JFK Assassination Research News & Notes With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell: January 1, 2021


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Many topics to discuss on this, the first episode of 2021! Join Rob & Doug as they cover: More information from obscure witnesses regarding a pre-Assassination relationship between Lee Oswald & Jack Ruby; The Dallas Police Officer who was murdered in Dallas on the same day as JFK, Officer J.D. Tippit; Cuban Exile organization DRE, and the wave of propaganda linking Oswald to Castro that eminated from this organization in the aftermath of the JFK Hit; A new and worthy-of-our-attention documentary on the JFK Assassination that recently debuted on YouTube, PLUS: Was there a connection between Jack Ruby and Watergate Burglar and Assassination suspect Frank Sturgis? AND...how does a gospel-singing, yodeling, hootenanny-throwing ventriloquist dummy connect to the JFK Assassination? Listen and FIND OUT! JOIN US! Written & Hosted By Rob Clark & Doug Campbell. A Drop-D Podcast Production

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