Nik Richie. One of the Guys Who Created the Internet . Episode 478 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)


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Richie founded the gossip website in March 2007 as while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. The content on initially focused on Richie's personal criticism of Scottsdale and its club scene. The later and more widely known version of allows users to anonymously upload their own "dirt" including news, gossip, accusations, photos, videos, or text, and comment on posts submitted by others.

In this episode, Nik and Brad sit down on the main stage for a Dropping Bombs Live where we learn from one of the guys who helped create the internet with his website! Tune in.

00:00 Intro

02:50 Before “The Dirty”

04:38 How it started

10:48 Power

19:00 HER Acronym

25:00 What makes you happy according to Nik

29:00 The word humble

34:42 “I think the biggest part of life is becoming a winner.” - Nik Richie

39:40 On the road to becoming a billionaire

47:30 “If I am broke enough, I am going to make money quickly.” - Nik Richie

54:30 What RMC is (Richie Media Co)

56:02 Your “keyword”

01:00:16 Domains

01:06:00 The why

01:11:30 Coaching

01:18:43 Brad’s Book - The Hard Way

01:24:20 Find the expert

01:29:50 Rationalizing what you know is wrong

01:35:06 The mirror

01:35:55 Get Nik’s Book on Amazon

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