Sath Lingan. The Desire to Change Your Life. Episode 440 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)


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Sath started a business, did great, and then scaled way too quickly and failed miserably in two years by not listening and being stubborn. Sath then took a year while wholesaling cars to truly find himself and really sit with his insecurities to really find his purpose.

Sath then began wholesaling and sourcing cars for other dealers and in COVID-19 found the need of how much impact he could be making by running a national wholesale lead generation business that gets leads and closes them for a nationwide dealer network that he has. Now, Sath’s team ison projection to facilitate these leads into closing over $100,000,000 in cars bought through our lead generation this year. Listen in to his journey…

00:00 Intro

02:21 “Once I figured out what inner peace was and my vision was clear, I knew I would figure it out.” - Sath Lingan

02:54 How Sath went bankrupt

06:51 “If you only set your mind to 100k that will be your cap.” - Sath Lingan

10:47 Car shortage

12:24 “Technology is the quickest way to scale.” - Sath Lingan

16:28 Mindset

20:16 Be useful

20:44 Bomb 1: The impact you have on others

24:00 Law of attraction

24:38 “Don’t invest in something you don’t align with.” - Sath Lingan

26:22 Top three things to focus on

30:40 Spiritual Mentor

36:00 Recap of top three

42:35 Asking yourself the right questions

46:56 Selling to the Indian culture

52:00 The power of the mind

55:30 “Roll with the punches”

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