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“I’m doing it because I want to and it’s right for me to do.” David Raouf, AKA RDavidR, is a drummer and YouTube content creator who explores the possibilities of repurposing drum equipment of all kinds to create new items for your drum set. David has also made a lot of collaboration videos with such drummers as Stephen Taylor, David Cola, Juan Carlito Mendoza, 80/20 Drummer and Drum Beats Online. I highly recommend that you check out David’s YouTube channel here for drum hacks, repurposing, experiments and other fun creative projects that you may want to try.

David was recently filming lessons at Drumeo and also collaborated with them to create a series of videos on easy DIY projects that almost anyone can do with some simple tools and a bit of know how that David shares. To expand on his Drumeo content, David and I had a chat about his journey creating his channel, the realities of creating a YouTube channel and whether or not he has received any outraged emails from drum product companies regarding his DIY approach.

You Will Hear About….

  • How David began his YouTube channel and how it evolved.
  • David and I discussing our thoughts on rushing into post-secondary school.
  • Whether earning money from content creating is the reason to start doing it.
  • What David has learned and benefited from by creating content for YouTube.
  • Why being creative only works well when you feel inspired to create.
  • David’s feedback from companies who make products that can be created by David’s methods.
  • David’s experience at Drumeo.

Why Should You Listen?

There are a lot of people who have the desire to create content online. I have personally received a lot of messages over the last three years from people who see this podcast and then decide that they also want to create some kind of media for the internet. More often than not though it seems like people look at it as a potential source of income. It isn’t to say that it wouldn’t potentially be that but it will take a long time before content creating adds any income to your bank account. This is really about spending your time doing something different. Substitute less productive activities for creative activities.

Given the fact that David’s YouTube channel has been around for years and is performing quite well and he still holds a day job should be enough proof that it is something he enjoys doing but doesn’t expect it to pay his bills.

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