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“For every ten good comments I get one hater. And by hater, I mean like HATER”

Kristina Schiano is easily one of the world’s biggest YouTubers in the drum industry. Currently, as I write this, she has amassed a subscriber count of 856,352!! That is incredible, isn’t it? As she explains in the interview, she feels that her audience has watched her grow up on the internet. Her channel has received over 80 million views and over the last five years, her channel has exploded gaining over one thousand new subscribers daily.

Kristina has been open and true to her audience by expressing her bouts of panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. She has become a beacon of hope for anyone else who may be experiencing the deliberating effects of mental health issues. She is living proof that your dreams can still be obtained and realized regardless of what is happening internally.

With her YouTube channel, she mainly focuses on drum covers of popular music and has managed to hit view counts well into the millions more than once. However, she doesn’t earn income from these cover videos due to copyright protection, so she has become crafty in converting some of her audience into Patreon members, she runs a music school, and has many relationships in the industry including companies like SJC Drums, Vater Drumsticks, Zildjian Cymbals, and Remo Percussion.

You Will Hear About….

  • Kristina’s new SJC limited edition signature drum.
  • How producing content in a studio is different than producing content at home.
  • What it is actually like to be a YouTuber.
  • How to deal with haters in YouTube comments.
  • Social media perfection.
  • Whether you should you start a YouTube channel.
  • How creating content has helped Kristina with her anxiety and depression.

Why Should You Listen?

There are many reasons why this episode is worth listening to. For example, have you ever thought about what it is like to be a YouTube celebrity? Would you expect it to be a simple matter of making a video, posting it, receiving tons of views, make tons of money, and repeat? What if I told you that she spends most of her time on a computer sending emails, patrolling the comments section of her YouTube channel and editing her videos? The truth is, she has very little time at all to play the drums. Whenever she films a new video is the only time she plays.

A big topic that needs more awareness is cyberbullying. With a big channel like Kristina's, you can only imagine what she has to read so that you don't have to. Given her battles with panic attacks, anxiety and depression, I had to ask how those comments affect her. I think that there is a lot for people to relate to in the latter part of the episode. We both talk about our experiences with depression. If this means something to you, I think there is the inspiration in our conversation that can help convince a person that things can change.

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