VIP - 03/18/20 - The Endorsement Episode


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In this episode you'll hear:

- A word of encouragement, concerns about social distancing and coronavirus.

- An update from a friend of the show, Heather Thomas.

- Ray Byrne from Byrne Cymbals on endorsements.

- Comment reads. The question was "Do you want an endorsement and why? Commenters who I read in this episode were @Karlgrohmanndrums, @freddycharles, @thefitdrummer, @mattcordier, and @davidraouf.

- Instagram clip shoutouts. I asked IG who their favorite Up and Coming Drummer was. The drummers were randomly selected after being voted in the comments. They were @vinnywrk, @joelturcotte, @nathshinglerdrums, @lioncamp, @7tomi8, @dimitrifantini, @zackaustindrums and @oliverlab.

- A small clip from Nick D'Virgilio's episode about endorsements and whether we invest in gear that is brand-specific as a potential investment for down the road.

- A small clip from the upcoming Chris Coleman episode.

- I share a story about when I first met Larry Davidson and thought I was going to get an endorsement.

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