Andrea Chalupa, Discusses Mr Jones Film And Gaslit Nation


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WELCOME TO EPISODE TWENTY-SIX On this months podcast, we are joined by Andrea Chalupa. Andrea is a writer, author, producer, journalist, and podcaster! She is the co-creator of the Gaslit Nation podcast and the writer of the feature film “Mr. Jones”. “Mr. Jones” is based on the true story of journalist Gareth Jones, who uncovered the Soviet-engineered famine in 1930’s Ukraine. The famine led to an estimated 7 million deaths and Gareth’s reporting was largely ignored and covered up by Soviet authorities. On this episode, we discuss the film and its relevance today in the age of Trump. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ANDREA You can visit her website here: CHECK OUT Andrea’s podcast Gaslit Nation DID YOU ENJOY THIS EPISODE? PLEASE LEAVE ME A TIP VIA PAY PAL HERE: SUPPORT THE SHOW PATREON CONNECT WITH US TWITTER FACEBOOK

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