122: Maximize Your DSO’s Potential: Consider Integrating Specialties


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In this episode, Emmet Scott hosts Dr. Tarek Aly and Dr. Dustin Roden-Johnson Co-Founders of OrthoDent Management LLC & Modern Smiles. They discuss the integration of specialties into dental organizations: the pros and cons, what to consider, and more. Dr. Aly and Dr. Roden-Johnson share the challenges, mistakes, and successes OrthoDent faced when integrating specialties. Emmet and Drs.’ Aly and Roden-Johnson agree the key is thinking from the consumer vantage point first: patients value convenience above all else, “a one-stop-shop”. Jumping off from here they evaluate the opportunities: why not maximize the real estate, the potential, and the skills of your team to see more patients and provide more quality care? Listen to this episode to help you determine if integrating specialties is right for your dental organization.

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