Mueller's Message Mess - Dueling Dialogues Ep.177


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On today's show: Mueller's Message Mess The Mueller message, basically telling congress to impeach Trump. The DOJ is only hope to stay off impeachment and deliver justice to those responsible for the fake Russian dossier. Will Lisa Page be the leaker that could be pardoned? Trump can't get immigration laws passed, so he imposes tariffs on Mexico. Increases monthly by 5% up to 25%. Meghan McCain freaks out at the rumor that Trump wanted the USS McCain name hidden. Kim Jong Un, executes 5 people in blame for the February meeting where Trump walked out. An employee for California police department has been diagnosed with typhus from homeless and illegal immigrants living in the city. List of other major diseases being found in California. How is Fox going to handle Kimberly Guilfoyle? Is global warming a hoax to steal tax money? For a list of source links, visit

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