White Dog Racists - Dueling Dialogues Ep.184


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On today's show: White Dog Racists - Dueling Dialogues Ep.184 Comey had spy in Whitehouse in 2017 reporting to FBI. IG report likely to come out in September. The racist bandwagon continues and people with white dogs are now racist. People in Harlem throw water at police, police do nothing. Antifa getting away with violence. Don't get your cats declawed in some US cities or you will get a fine. Jeffrey Epstein's black book is exposed. Clintons at top of list among many other politicians and celebrities. Actress Bella Thorne says she's a pansexual. Tom Brady dad-shamed for cliff diving with 6 yo daughter in Costa Rica. Dominican Republic has more tourist deaths from tainted alcohol. For a list of source links, visit http://therightleftchronicles.com/podcasts/1641/white-dog-racists-dueling-dialogues-ep-184/

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