Episode 11: Ben Marien “NeuroTracker; Vision-Brain Software”


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We had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Marien from NeuroTracker on this episode!

Ben is the Director of Business Development for the Athletic and Performance Markets for CogniSens Inc.

Special guest Ben Marien introduces Neurotracker, a software designed to improve tracking and mental performance. He answers frequently asked questions and gives an insight to the technology behind the program.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • After twenty years of being researched and developed, Neurotracker has been around and effective for ten years.
  • Whether it is in a gym, clinical, or home setting, a user must track 3D targets while the duration, number of balls, and speed fluctuate to continue to push your focusing and tracking.
  • The program is developed for “bite sized intervals of intense focus”. One session is between five to seven minutes. It is recommended to complete 15-30 sessions before seeing results in the real world.
  • Ranging from military specialists, professional athletes, and clinical offices, everyone can benefit from the program.
  • Neurotracker has partnered with Shift Concussion, Premier Leagues, NFL teams, US Department of Defense, NHL Leagues, and more.

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