Episode 12: Dr. Peter Shaw from “Shaw Lens for Aniseikonia”


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With his extensive knowledge in optometry, Dr. Peter Shaw has created Shaw lens. His lens focus on binocular vision or how both eyes work together. His

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Although one eye may not be functioning, the lenses are designed to encourage the eyes to work together.
  • Similarly to selective hearing, our brain is able to “shut one side off” if the eyes are seeing double. Without correction, the brain gets comfortable to the suppression and now individuals believe this is normal.
  • A small difference between two eyes can be heightened by the wrong curvature or model of the glasses. Shaw lens require must more detailed information to make sure it is suited to every individual.
  • There are no limitations on the style of lenses. Shaw Lens are able to create any lens as long as the diagnosis and measurements are provided.
  • Shaw lens is collaborating Dr. Curtis Baxstrom and working with new technology to create a lens for patients with traumatic brain injury.
  • It is important to correctly determine if a patient needs Shaw lenses and learn measurements so optometrists are required to attend a seminar to become a distributor.

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