Episode 14: Brandon Begotka, OD, FCOVD – “Infant Vision Development”


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Joining us from Brookfield, WI, Brandon Begotka speaks about the importance and developmental steps in infant vision development.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Although infants can only see a foot in front of them, their vision is critical to their development and survival. Their limited vision is beneficial and not overstimulating..
  • Family history, exposure to toxins, premature birth, complications with the birth, and alcoholism may play a negative role in the visual development.
  • Crawling plays a large part in the developmental role and has many benefits. Skills like space and time are explored and a child may miss key developmental steps if he/she goes straight to walking.
  • As children develop, primitive reflexes that were crucial for survival should disappear so they have more conscientious control of their body. However, they may reappear after a traumatic accident.
  • Babies as young as six months can have an eye exam. Professionals would look for eye turns, high prescriptions, and eye disease.
  • Simple things like moving the car seat to different positions or rearranging the room will allow an infant to explore more about their surroundings.

Resources Mentioned:

COVD Convention


He recently lectured at the annual COVD conference about this same topic. The information he presented was so good that we wanted him to share it on the show!

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View his practice website here

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