Episode 18: Sue Barry, PhD


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After multiple unsuccessful surgeries, Sue Barry was told she would never be able to see 3D. Fortunately, she stumbled upon developmental optometrists who were able to correct her strabismus. She speaks today about the struggles and accomplishments of her journey that she has also wrote in her book Fixing My Gaze.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Sue Barry was diagnosed with strabismus, more commonly called “cross-eyed”. Her surgeries fixed the cosmetic problems, however she still could only see one eye at a time.
  • Sue’s eyes had contradicting views of space and sent a confusing message to the brain. Therefore, the brain “shut off”, or suppressed, one eye unconsciously.
  • Many people with strabismus can still see 20/20 vision; however, one eye is still “turning in”. Strabismus patients may have a hard time driving, reading, or riding a bike.
  • Vision therapy is beneficial to everyone “9 months to 90 years”. Everyone has different starting points and different abilities.
  • The Brock string is designed to give instant feedback to know where each of your eyes are pointing. In the words of Sue Barry, it is “as simple as it is elegant, as elegant as it is simple”.
  • There are two parts of vision therapy: seeing in stereo vision and continuing with the exercises until it becomes your default way of seeing.
  • Keeping a journal of your activities, vision goals, frustrations, and overall mood after a therapy session can help you see your progress and what you have accomplished.

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