Episode 3: Alisa Nance, MD “mTBI Vision Rehab Success Story”


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We welcome Dr. Alisa Nance who shares her journey to recovery after a car accident back in 1998. While training to be a doctor, she had to learn how to study and continue her career and education while having strong symptoms. It was not until her son had a head injury that she understood that what she felt was not normal.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Alisa and her son saw improvement in a short three months after meeting with Dr. Zelinski and got exponentially better.
  • While going through treatment she saw there were more benefits than just her pain lessening; small changes with her glasses affected her emotions, sleep patterns, and nausea.
  • Although 20/20 vision seems great, it may be overstimulating and can worsen or generate secondary symptoms.
  • It may be difficult to understand where the symptoms are stemming from, but with the right optometrist and help, it is possible to revert them.

References Mentioned:

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