EP018: What Should You Do When Your Website Gets Hacked?

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Rebecca Metz is the Founder of Web Pages That Sell. When Rebecca was coming back from vacation, she found out something horrible — her website had been hacked! Not only was the experience stressful, but having her website down meant she was not generating any business, too. After recovering from the incident, Rebecca has some advice for those business owners out there on how they can prevent this from happening to them, and what they should do in case it does happen.

Key Takeaways:

[2:10] What is Rebecca’s business about, Web Pages That Sell?

[3:05] What happens when your website gets hacked?

[6:55] If you have multiple websites, one website can affect the other.

[7:15] Call your hosting company or your webmaster!

[8:15] Check whether your website has been blacklisted.

[9:45] When you’ve been hacked, it’s usually not personal.

[13:00] When you call your hosting provider, be prepared that they may not be very helpful.

[15:40] Another thing to note, your webmaster is not responsible for this hack either. However, they may have some answers for you to help you regain control of your website.

[16:40] When your website has been hacked, this needs to be the first priority. The worse it gets, the harder it will be to get your whole website back.

[17:40] Find a website cleaner. You can be expected to pay between $200 to $1,000 to have this done. Make sure the price includes multiple website clean ups.

[21:20] If you’ve been infected once, expect to be infected again.

[23:10] Get into a habit of backing up your website. Both your entire your website and your database.

[24:35] You should back up your website once a month and your database once a week.

[26:10] If your site has been blacklisted, this may mean your emails are too.

[27:20] Regularly update your plugins!

[31:05] What are some of the top mistakes people tend to make?

[32:10] The good news is Rebecca has a service to help you backup your website regularly.

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