Bonus Episode 99: Week 4 Sit, Starts and Sharts Plus Two Aussies, a Fella, and an Outlaw


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Welcome to The Dynasty WarZone/The Fantasy RedZone joint podcast. The RedZone is the Podcast that will merge Dynasty, Redraft, Daily and Sports Betting all in one podcast. Your host is Randy Young (@DFFMemphis) and you’re on the maiden voyage of the podcast that will revolutionize the Football entertainment

The Fantasy world loves start and sit shows, so who are we to not deliver what the people want. This show is not so much about who to start or sit, but to give you something to think on going into Sunday.

You always count on the show going off the rails when the Aussies show up. Well, they’re here and they’re bringing Kyle from the Fantasy Football Fellas with them. This show may be an all timer.

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