EAP 96: Holiday Hacks - 'Don't Go Broke' Guide to Gift Buying


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As the end of the year and the biggest spending season of the year approaches, Kimi provides Early Accountability podcast listeners with four tips for financial wellness. From managing spending to cultivating financial security to pay off debts to focusing on savings, there are many aspects to financial wellbeing that we often don’t want to think about, but could be very helpful for us to keep in mind: 1. Create a budget – Have a number in mind for how much you will spend on all of your gifts total, and stick to that number. 2. Make a list and check it twice – Write down every person that you want to buy a gift for and what you want to get for them, then review your list and ask yourself these questions: “Do they really need this?”, “Do these gifts have purpose?”, and “Am I just buying this because of the deal?” 3. Be intentional – Avoid “shiny object syndrome” by sticking to your list and budget, not being swayed by the flashy “deals” that are put in front of you. Have enough resolve and focus to pass by this year’s “hot toy” and buy the thing that you know that person would like most. 4. Prioritize experiences over tangible gifts – The spirit of the season is to spend time with those you love and express your appreciation for them. People will remember the time you spent with them and the experiences you shared much longer than they will remember what you ate or what you gave them, so extend this concept to your gift-giving as well. Look into purchasing loved ones memberships to museums, tickets to a show, opportunities for learning, or a meal out with you, or even make them something sentimental like a photo album that would be more significant than anything you could find at the store. Topics Covered in this Episode: • Financial wellness • Cultivating financial security and freedom • Managing spending and savings • Financial aspects of your entire wellbeing

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