Jacinta Gulasekharam: Hopes New Zealand will copy Scotland on free sanitary products


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As Scotland becomes a world leader in making steps to offer free sanitary products, calls are being made for New Zealand to follow suit.
In 2018, Scotland placed sanitary items in schools and universities; now they're taking another step forward to offer them across the board.
Dignity New Zealand founder Jacinta Gulasekharam told Kate Hawkesby they've been working with corporations to build support for similar schemes here.
"If you are in that caught-short situation, you should be able to have these items available to you."
She says that what Scotland has achieved is amazing.
"I understand there's some progress in terms of schools. I think it's awesome that we've got a Prime Minister now that has taken it on as a personal priority of hers."
She is waiting to see what the Prime Minister says in the next budget.

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