Paul Brislen: Facebook have made major blunder over Australian news ban


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Facebook may have made a major blunder by including emergency services in its ban on Australian news content.
It's banned Australian users from sharing news content as the Australian Government proposes making tech companies pay news media for the content.
Police, emergency, weather and health agencies, and retailers like Harvey Norman, have also been caught up in the ban.
Tech and PR expert Paul Brislen told Kate Hawkesby Facebook is trying to convince the public it's in the right and it's failing.
"Catching the Fire Service in the middle of summer in Australia - that's a terrible move.
"That won't do anything to help their case at all. That just completely shot them in the foot."
He says, by contrast, Google has agreed to pay and it's costing them very little to do so.
"The agreement they got with Nine Meida - $30 million a year - that's small change for Google, probably less than it would cost in lawyers' fees."

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