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Is the fear of other people’s opinions (foopo) the kryptonite to self belief? What’s the anecdote? Performance psychology can be trained to improve, evaluate, assess, and influence nine mental skills. Dr. Michael Gervais is a world-renowned high-performance psychologist. His mission is to help athletes and leaders thrive in pressure-packed environments to perform their very best.


  • Compete to Create: Alpha competitors with capabilities in a relationship-based culture
  • X’s and O’s: Create an ecosystem and shared practices to train athletes and coaches
  • Microsoft: Sport-to-business migration of science and stories to train your mind
  • Mental Superpowers: Three trainable skills for humans are their craft, body, and mind
  • High-Performance Playing Field: Environment, DNA, and effort toward development
  • Performance and Prowess: Sort out an identity as an athlete and what others think of you
  • Perceived or Actual Threats: Is it normal to be nervous?
  • Brain’s Dictum: Manipulate the world the right way to survive
  • Sets and Reps: Psychological parts of self-discovery and self talk for self-confidence
  • On Point: What are the three right experiences to reason why something’s true?
  • Break Belief Boundaries: Boost awareness by demonstrating vulnerability via the discomfort
  • Optimism: Uncommon mastering of what can be controlled to commit to the path of mastery
  • Core Values: Clarify conditions of first principles in life to go the distance
  • Level Up Efficacy: Everything will work out with a sense of self-power
  • Mindfulness: Engage on purpose in the present moment through awareness and wisdom
  • Deep Focus: Recognize when off-course and off-task to refocus
  • Imagery vs. Adversity: Close your eyes and use your imagination to make it feel real

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