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Coaching legend Pete Cowen shares words of wisdom from his years of experience and success. He prefers to stay under the radar, but remains highly regarded by coaches and players. Pete’s clients seek him out for support and guidance—leading them to win more than 200 titles worldwide, including 11 majors.


  • From Player to Coach: transitioning from European Tour winner to coaching major winners
  • Early Tour Experiences: Learning, coaching, and traveling with Westwood and Clarke
  • ‘Snowball’ Success: Going from good to great as a coach
  • Golf Swing Physiology: Understand body/muscle structure and the engine of the swing
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: tough love or nurturing confidence to get the best out of each player
  • Henrik Stenson’s Journey: Listen, accept, and make changes to regain form
  • Top 10 Golf Ltd: Business model provides Pete compensation based on players’ results
  • Three Rs: Respect yourself, respect others, and responsible for your own actions
  • Team Approach: Managing one of the biggest stable of players on Tour with partner, Mike Walker
  • Good, Great, and World-Class Players: What differentiates the best from the rest?
  • Rory McIlroy: observations of a young Rory and the personality traits that predicted high performance
  • Secret Sauce Story: Rippling sand and spinning bunker shots
  • Swing Thoughts: One swing thought is enough; think about next shot, not last shot

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