Episode 018 - Gregory Landua: Regenerating the Planet with Cryptocurrency


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SUBSCRIBE: WWW.EARTHREPAIRRADIO.COM This episode looks at a new economic system being developed using cryptocurrency to promote regenerative agricultural practices. Gregory Landua first guides the listener through a "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 101" for all of those unfamiliar with these new technologies. (for those listeners who are really familiar, you can skip to the 24 minute mark). He then explains how his new project Regen Network is building a blockchain and cryptocurrency that is based on the monitoring of the effects of regenerative agriculture. The result would be a new economic force on the planet that is rooted in the regeneration of planetary ecosystems and agricultural lands. This is all pretty mind blowing, but listen carefully for the hour and a quarter and you will be introduced to a vision for an entirely different economic system who's value is based off of restoring soil, water, forests, and oceans. Regen Network Links Main website: www.regen.network Regen Network Chat: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#regen.network:matrix.org Technical Whitepaper: http://regen-network.gitlab.io/whitepaper/WhitePaper.pdf Terra Genesis International www.terra-genesis.com Regenerative Enterprise Book (name your price or gift download or hardcopy purchase) http://www.regenterprise.com/regenerative-enterprise/ Biography Gregory Landua, co-author of the pioneering book, Regenerative Enterprise, and the Levels of Regenerative Agriculture Whitepaper, and recently the founding Regen Network Whitepaper He is the co-founder of Terra Genesis International, and Co-founder and CEO of Regen Network. Gregory has studied marine and terrestrial ecology and evolutionary biology in the Galapagos Islands, translated for Amazonian rainforest guides, fought wildfires in the wilderness of Alaska, lived in established ecovillages, founded a successful work-live cooperative, and studied the nuances of ecology and ethics. Gregory has B.S. in Environmental Science and Ethics from Oregon State University, and a M.Sc in Regenerative Entrepreneurship and Design from Gaia University. Gregory embraces the practical aspects of regenerative agriculture design by being a tropical agroforestry farm owner and manager, and working to assist farms and communities in a variety of climate zones. Now, as co-founder of Regen Network, Gregory is working to link economic value to ecological regeneration. Regen Network is a blockchain driven transparency and smart contracting platform designed to facilitate the verification of ecological state and coordinate multi-stakeholder groups to achieve ecological regeneration through smart-ecological contracts.

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