Female Empowerment Through Financial Freedom


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On today’s episode, producer Hannah Mulvaney takes over the earth to humans podcast with an amazing interview with two folks leading the charge to create sustainable, environmentally friendly ways for women in developing countries to gain and build financial independence. They work to address gender oppression by focusing on rural, women-led work that remedies issues of poverty and resource disparities. Their community based projects aim to empower women with financial stability and drive communities away from environmentally harmful practices. So often, environmental organizations are not sustainable because they are not wholistic approaches but self-congratulatory band aid solutions that are not led by the communities they are inserting themselves into but The Think Her Project is. This conversation features founder and executive director Daphne De Celles and Godfrey Oyema as they discuss some of the important work they are doing in Tanzania and Kenya. Financial independence can mean the difference between life and death for some of these women as well as an escape from sexual violence all while sustaining their communities and their environments. It’s an important conversation, that we hope you enjoy.

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