Phase 3: Avengers: Endgame Part 1


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Okay here we go. Endgame! This episode will cover this first two thirds of the film. Too much happens in this movie to cover in just one episode. We get into theories and things we loved and hated and thought were totally awesome. There are no tears in this episode, but maybe watch out for Part 2 next week, there may be tears then.
We get really deep in the opening scene, Tony Stark's breakdown, his budding relationship with Nebula, broken relationship with Cap, and the pure love and joy of Tony and Pepper. Also we discuss, what if Cassie got dusted? How would Ant-Man react to finding out his daughter was "dead" and would that have gotten Tony to help faster?
Don't forget about the Time Heist! It was ridiculous and awesome and we loved it and hated it! If you want to know why, you're going to have to listen!
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