#21 Are instagram ads worth it?


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In today’s solo episode (21), I’m sharing my experience of playing with instagram ads and answering your biggest instagram ad related questions: Do instagram ads really work? Are they actually worth it for food bloggers or food influencers? Here’s exactly what you can expect from today’s episode…

  • I explain how this podcast episode came to be and why I decided to play with instagram ads this year

  • I share my personal experience of using ads on instagram and whether I believe they actually work

  • I outline some of the biggest mistakes people are making when promoting posts or creating ads on instagram

  • I reveal what you really think about people and brands who use instagram ads and promoted posts

You can find the show notes for this episode here: https://thelittleplantation.co.uk/eat-capture-share-podcast/are-instagram-ads-worth-it

You can find the blog post all about instagram ads here: https://thelittleplantation.co.uk/blog/are-instagram-ads-worth-it

You can find me on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/thelittleplantation/

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