#23 BONUS! The art of food styling with Silvia Bifaro


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In today’s BONUS episode (23), I’m speaking with food photographer, stylist, food blogger and vegan baker Silvia Bifaro. We talk about food styling, finding your voice and the magic of creativity. Here’s what else you can expect from today’s episode …

  • Silvia shares how she found her own unique photography style as well as tips on how YOU can do the same

  • We talk about creative evolution, finding inspiration and pushing through creative blocks

  • Silvia breaks down the technical process of how she manages to include herself in her shots

  • We discuss food trends that are emerging and why instagram keeps raising the bar for food photographers and stylists

  • We talk about why there is no longer ‘one trend’ on instagram and how trends keep coming back

  • We discuss how and why the food photography space on instagram is changing

You can find the show notes with links mentioned here: https://thelittleplantation.co.uk/eat-capture-share-podcast/learn-food-styling

You can get details about our 1-day June 30th food styling workshop here: https://thelittleplantation.co.uk/blog/london-food-styling-immersion-course-summer

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