#31 How to get paid influencer work with Cookit Media


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In today’s episode (31) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking to Laurie Buckle, CEO and Founder of CookIt Media, an agency and consulting service for food influencers. Laurie shares her expert insight into how to get paid to work with brands as a food influencer, shifting from blogger to business owner and the future of food blogging. Here’s what else you can expect from today’s episode …

  • We discuss how you can earn an income from content creation

  • Laurie shares her top tips in getting brands to notice you

  • We discuss how to navigate requests to promote a brand for ‘free’ on your social channels

  • Laurie talks about what key qualities brands are searching for when they choose influencers to work with

  • Laurie shares the key qualities her agency looks for when choosing influencers to work with

  • We talk about how to set your price as a food influencer when working with brands

  • Laurie says why being able to create video is essential

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