#32 Marketing for food bloggers - On-air mentoring call


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On today’s episode (32) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, you’ll be listening in on another instagram mentoring session; I’m working with food content creator Suzanne from Happy Gut Co. who has recently started running her food blog and local food business. Suzanne wants to find out how and where to market her service as she’s eager to grow her local client base and instagram audience. Here’s what you can expect from this episode…

  • I announce my instagram and blogging masterclass, taking place this Saturday, November 16th 2019 (details below)

  • We explore how to market your business and service outside of instagram

  • We touch on the art of using hashtags on instagram

  • We talk about why using instagram’s analytics is crucial to understanding and growing your audience

  • I share how best to use instagram stories and highlights to retain and attract followers

  • I explain why joining my FREE online food photography challenge can really help improve your photography

  • I help Suzanne think through how to scale her business on a budget

  • I advise Suzanne how best to use her blog and why it’s so important


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