#35 No time for instagram? + Big announcements!


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On this week’s episode (35) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, you’ll be listening in on another instagram mentoring session; I’m working with food writer, supperclub host and cookbook author Zuza Zak who is an expert in Eastern European food traditions. Zuza wants to find out how to grow her instagram despite having little time to dedicate to the platform. Here’s what you can expect from this episode…

  • I share some big news about my instagram food photography challenge, my online food styling course and my BOOK!

  • Zuza outlines how and why she started her journey on instagram

  • I explain why Zuza doesn’t need perfect food photography to promote her cookbook or supper clubs and what she can do to continue to fine tune her style and visual identity

  • We chat about the importance of mindset

  • I give Zuza ideas on sharing food content when she’s stuck for time

  • I share my thoughts on the importance of consistency on instagram

  • We chat about the benefits of using presets

  • I explain why it’s important to regularly take time out to evaluate the aim and direction of your content

  • We discuss the issue of quantity versus quality

  • I advice Zuza to honour where she’s at

  • I explain why it’s important to set a realistic instagram posting schedule and to stick to it!

  • We talk about the importance of adding value as a content creator

  • I share my top tip for using your time on instagram wisely and with intention

  • We speak about the power of creating your own hashtag and building community

  • I give advice around using hashtags on instagram

  • We discuss the importance of captions


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