The Art & Science of Emotional Eating with Josh Hillis


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Coach & Author Josh Hillis helps people overcome emotional eating and finally lose weight.

About Josh Hillis

Shownotes for The Art & Science of Emotional Eating Episode

Josh Hillis is a nutrition coach who specializes in habits-based, positive changes. Lose Stubborn Fat, his popular fat-loss blog, has tens of thousands of readers, and his fat-loss and kettlebell-training books have helped people reach their personal goals for more than 10 years.

Josh helps people overcome emotional eating and finally lose weight.

Using a skill-based (not diet based) approach allows people to create a new relationship with their bodies and with food, and get results that have previously never been possible.

Josh is the author of Fat Loss Happens on Monday (2013) and the upcoming Lean and Strong (2019) and a yet-untitled emotional eating book (2020), for OnTarget Publications.

Josh has been writing his blog,, since 2004, he’s written Strength Matters Magazine, and he’s been quoted or featured in Experience Life! Magazine, The Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today.

He currently attends MSU Denver, where he is doing his thesis on contextual behavioral science and emotional eating.

Topics Discussed

Habit & Skill-Based Weight Loss

Josh, please tell us how you developed your habit-based and skill-based approach to weight loss?

Was it a personal or professional evolution or both?

Tell us a bit about the diet and nutrition environment of your childhood and how you grew up.

Blind spots

In your experience when people set off on a weight loss journey, what are some of the factors they don’t take into account or have a blind spot about?

What do you see are the main obstacles to sustained and sustainable weight loss?

How do you talk to your clients about motivation?

People in recovery have often been so conditioned by objectification that most of their motivation comes from a place of self-rejection, trying to fix themselves, hoping they will get to a place where they look at themselves and start to deserve self-acceptance and self-love, while in the process their own motivation is flawed and leads to a dead end. Shifting this is an intricate process. How do you do that?


What, in your experience, is the environment (intrinsic and extrinsic, personal and cultural) in which emotional eating starts to occur? What are the influences? And of course, what do you find is the way through?

Health at every size

How can we model a health-at-every-size-like attitude to our children and young people who are easily influenced by media?

What metrics, other than weight, tangible and intangible, do you track with your clients?


How do you celebrate milestones? How do you meet obstacles?

The future of emotional eating

Tell us about your research in emotional eating? What are some surprises that you stumbled upon?

What inspires you now for the thesis you are working on?

Where can people find more about you?

Books, Links, and Resources

Josh's Book - Fatloss Happens on Monday

Fatloss Happens on Monday - Facebook Group

Josh Hillis's site -

Galina's Peace with Food - Emotional Eating 101

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