eBay for Business - Ep 63 - Social Strategies for the Holidays


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Welcome to eBay for Business!

On this week’s episode, we focus on social strategies for the holidays. The Buzz covers topics of conversation in the Community and on social media. In the Main Story Tracey Lee Davis of Zing Pop Social Media shares her perspective on what does and doesn’t work when marketing and promoting your business on social media. On Inside eBay Social Media Coach Heidi Warnock tells us how the eBay Social Media team utilizes Facebook to provide information and responses to eBay sellers. Also, Liz Austin discusses how eBay uses social media with Melina Baxter, eBay’s Head of Content Strategy and Social Media. We’ll even answer a seller question!

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00:01 - Intro

03:41 - The Buzz

11:06 - Inside eBay - Heidi Warnock - Social Coach

17:01 - Inside eBay - Malina Baxter - Social Media

32:01- The Main Story - Tracey Lee Davis - Zing Pop

53:09 - Outro

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