Amazon Defenders Part Three: Fires, Corruption, and Resistance in the Brazilian Amazon - Ep. 86


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TUNE IN to Part 3 of “The Amazon Defenders.” In this episode, we focus on the Eastern Amazon and the Brazilian Rainforest where the issues of deforestation, road development, forest fires, cattle ranching, land invasion, soy farming, mining, and COVID-19 are integrally impacting the health and viability of the rainforest and its peoples. We hear about the vital stewardship by an Indigenous-led movement for human and environmental rights, and efforts to demand accountability for the six US-based financial institutions funding the destruction. Ana Paula Vargas, who goes by Paula, has been advocating for more than 20 years with communications and culture, human rights, and social justice in Brazil. As Program Manager at Amazon Watch [], she has collaborated with international institutions to support and promote projects from popular associations, social movements, and grassroots organizations. Now, she is living in the Bay Area, California, where Amazon Watch is headquartered. More info: Podcast Website: Podcast Blog: Support the Podcast: Hosted by Jessica Aldridge Engineer: Blake Lampkin Executive Producer: Jack Eidt Producer: Emilia Barrosse Show Created by Mark and JP Morris Music: Javier Kadry Episode 86 Photo courtesy Amazon Watch

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