Ecosystem Restoration: A Collaborative, Global Approach with John D. Liu - Ep. 65


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Ecosystem Restoration Camps, part of John D. Liu's "Great Work of Our Time," are a methodology to regenerate degraded lands on a planetary scale. Carry Kim speaks with John, Ecosystem Ambassador and Founder and Advisory Council Chair of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation. The camps movement serves as a model for restoring ecological function while addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time including: poverty, hunger, refugee crises, climate change and the need to create resilient communities. There are now 23 camps spanning six continents, and the movement continues to grow exponentially. John D. Liu is a filmmaker, environmental educator [], and Founder and Advisory Council Chair of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation []. He also serves as Ecosystem Ambassador of the Commonland Foundation []. As a filmmaker in 1995, the World Bank asked John to document the ecological restoration of the Loess Plateau in China. Since learning that it is possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems, John has devoted his life to understanding and communicating about the potential and responsibility to restore degraded landscapes on a planetary scale. Facebook: Podcast Website: Support the Podcast: Interview by Carry Kim Intro by Jessica Aldridge Engineer: Blake Lampkin Executive Producer: Jack Eidt Show Created by Mark and JP Morris Music: Javier Kadry Episode 65

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