1000 Tiny Farms: A Regenerative Network with Greg Reese - Ep. 97


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Listen in to our discussion with Greg Reese, co-founder of Sea + Soil [https://www.seaandsoil.org/] and creator of the 1000 Tiny Farms project [http://www.1000tinyfarms.com/]. A program working to cultivate a regional regenerative network of market gardens, share resources between farmers, and encourage people who have a desire to farm but don’t know how to start their own tiny farm. *Greg Reese is a Southern California agrarian with a passion for growing regenerative, organic food by building healthy soils and biodiverse landscapes. His expertise in small-scale urban farming and no-till market gardening allows him to offer the highest quality produce in areas that need it the most. With a background in rainwater harvesting systems, native landscapes, orchard care, and permaculture, Greg aims to use his decade of experience to fight against social injustices in the food system. Podcast Website: http://ecojusticeradio.org/ Podcast Blog: https://www.wilderutopia.com/category/ecojustice-radio/ Support the Podcast: https://socal350.org/contribute-to-socal-350-climate-action/ Interview by Carry Kim Intro by Jessica Aldridge Engineer: Blake Lampkin Executive Producer: Jack Eidt Show Created by Mark and JP Morris Music: Javier Kadry Episode 97 Image: Leia Marasovich

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